Other Economy Programs
Other Economy Programs Canada is known as an “energy superpower” because of its abundant natural resources. Natural resources and their vital services heavily dominate the Canadian economy, which has been growing continuously for many years. Canada offers great opportunities for immigrants who wish to start a business in Canada. Thousands of people migrate to Canada’s coast every year
Investing in Canada
Investing in Canada You may be wondering if investing in Canada is good. Or what parts of Canada are better for foreign investment? Some also want to know if it is possible to get residency in this country with investment? With just a little research, you will find that some of the largest companies in the world are
Canada Startup Visa
Canada Startup Visa The start-up visa program started in 2013. Start-up visas allow foreign entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residency while starting a business in Canada. If you have the skills to start a business, do not miss this excellent opportunity to immigrate or settle in Canada. Applicants first come to the country with a work permit (or
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