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Security Threats from the Taliban and Economic Problems Hello, I am Ahmad Jawad, son of Mohammad Javed, the main resident of Balkh province. I am the current resident of Jawzjan province. I was nominated in Kabul. My wife was one of the athletes of the Afghan national tennis and taekwondo team. The terrorist group blocked my wife's activity and threatened to kill her because of my wife's activities. A month later, I was also threatened with death because my wife was a Shiite and had many activities. But I did not do that because I am still living under threat and poverty. Now I do not know if my wife is alive or destroyed. Before she disappeared, she asked me to leave my country and go to a safe country. Now my family life is under threat We are serious about death. I urgently need a humanitarian visa. I applied for a Pakistani visa twice, but I could not get a visa. It was rejected. Please pay attention to my case. Name: Jawad: Surname: safi: Date of Birth: 8/30/1996: ID number: 1400050191580: Passport number: P04167112: Contact number: 0093773093232: 0093794247790

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سازمان مهاجرتی iss از مجرب ترین وکلای رسمی مهاجرت و مشاورین معتمد تشکیل شده است و با داشتن بیش از 2000 پرونده موفق در تمامی مراحل از مهاجرت تا اقامت در کانادا در کنار شما عزیزان می باشد.

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