Skilled Worker Alberta Express Entry

Work immigration to Alberta or Skilled Worker Alberta allows applicants to immigrate to Canada to obtain permanent residence in Canada using this immigration route and then become Canadian citizens after a few years. In fact, it can be said that the Canadian government has designed Alberta’s work immigration programs in order to attract Alberta’s skilled workforce.

اسکیل ورکر آلبرتا از طریق اکسپرس انتری

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Alberta work immigration programs

Obtaining permanent residence through Alberta’s provincial program can be done through registration in work programs or entrepreneurship programs offered in this province.

AAIP or the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program has considered 3 immigration subgroups for work immigration to Alberta, Canada, which you can apply for as a foreign worker living in Alberta or outside of Alberta to work in the labor market of Alberta’s specialist workforce.

3 different subgroups are being implemented to recruit labor in the province of Alberta and obtain permanent residence through Alberta Work Immigration


The main condition

Get the Alberta Skilled Worker certificate through the Alberta Express Entry Stream

To take action under this program, you must have the necessary points to enter the Express Entry pool and an active profile in Express Entry. Immigrating to Alberta through the Skilled Worker Program is possible through this program.

Alberta Opportunity Program Alberta Opportunity Stream

To apply under this program, you must have a valid work permit in Canada and a job offer.

Rural Development Program Rural Renewal Stream

To apply under this program, you must intend to live and work in rural and sparsely populated areas of Alberta and have a valid invitation from these areas.د.

Alberta Skilled Worker Program through Express Entry

Skilled Worker Alberta, also known as the Alberta Skilled Workforce Program, is an Express Entry application. Every year, the province of Alberta can invite a limited number of applicants who have created a profile in the Express Entry system to submit a permanent residence application through the province.

As an applicant for an Alberta work visa and as a foreign worker, you can register through Express Entry, and if you receive and accept the invitation from the province, your eligibility will be re-checked by the province. After that you can register in this program. If you receive an invitation from the province, 600 points will be added to your CRS points.

Alberta Skilled Worker Program requirements through Express Entry

Have an active profile in Express Entry. (preferably with more than 5 months credit)

The job you entered in your Express Entry profile is one of the required jobs in Alberta.

Obtain at least 300 points in the CRS Express Entry system.

Have declared your desire to immigrate to Alberta.

Factors that increase the chances of receiving an invitation

Having a Canadian post-secondary education

Having a job offer from the province of Alberta

Family Connection: having close relatives (parents, siblings, children) living in the province of Alberta with the status of permanent resident or Canadian citizen

Dedicated Healthcare Pathway: employment in required jobs in the health field (doctors, nurses, physician assistants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers) and having a job offer in this field from Canadian employers)

Knowledge of French as a first language

What factors reduce the chance of receiving an invitation?
Your Express Entry profile will expire in the next 5 months or less.
The selected occupation is among the published list of occupations that are not eligible for Alberta Skilled Worker or the province has received a large number of applications in that area.


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Alberta Skilled Worker Program Language Certificate

Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker branch

At least CLB 7 in English (equivalent to IELTS 6 so that you have no score below 6)
Canadian Experience Branch Express EntryAt least CLB 7 in English (IELTS equivalent of 6 so that you have no score below 6) for NOC TEER 0, 1

Canadian Experience Branch Express Entry

Minimum CLB 5 in English language (so that the reading score is at least 4 and the other scores are at least 5) for NOC TEER 2, 3 job knocks

Benefits of the Alberta Skilled Worker Program

One of the advantages of work migration to Alberta is the ease of registering in the program. You only need to calculate and check your CRS score at the time of initial registration, and if you have a score above 300, creating an Express Entry profile is the only action you need to take at this stage.

Alberta Skilled Worker Rating System

The scoring system of this program is in accordance with the scoring system of the Express Entry system, and you must receive at least 300 points in the CRS scoring system.

Steps to the Alberta Skilled Worker Program through Express Entry

To take action through this program, the following steps must be taken:

1. Sign up for the Express Entry system and unlock Alberta province access to profile information

2. The applicant’s information is checked by the province and an invitation is received

3. Invited applicants register through the provincial program

The age requirements for work migration to Alberta through this program and in general the Alberta Skilled Workforce Rating Table are according to the Express Entry rating. Also, the necessary documents for the Alberta Skill Worker program are also available after receiving the invitation from the province according to the express conditions and documents.

Alberta Skilled Worker Program fee

$500 non-refundable initial fee will be charged to review the case (this amount will not be returned to you if you do not receive an invitation and will be charged from all online applications).

If you receive an invitation, the government fees for applying for permanent residence will also be added to this amount.

Accelerated Tech Pathway

The Accelerated Tech Pathway is one of the Alberta Skill Worker programs through Express Entry, which is specific to technology workers living in Alberta or having a job offer from Alberta.

Applicants for the accelerated track in the field of technology must complete the pre-registration online form and send it to the province. After completing and sending the form and checking it by the provincial officials, if you are eligible, you will receive an invitation to register in the program.


مهاجرت کاری به آلبرتا

Requirements for receiving an invitation through the accelerated path of the technology field:

If you meet the following conditions, you may be able to receive an invitation from the province of Alberta:

Have a valid job offer in the mentioned occupations or be employed in Alberta at the time of application

Check the terms of the program and complete and submit the pre-registration online form.

Having an active profile in the Express Entry pool

The job you entered in your express entry profile should be one of the required jobs in the province.

Obtaining at least 300 points in the CRS system

Declare your desire to immigrate to Alberta, Canada

If your profile is valid for 3 months or less, you have almost less chance of receiving an invitation.

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