Canada tourist visa

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Canada tourist visa

Foreign nationals intending to travel to Canada for one of the following reasons:

  1. Travel and visit
  2. Meet family and friends
  3. Business goals

Need to obtain a Canadian tourist visa.

Applying for a Canadian tourist visa is relatively easy, and the process is done online.

Even if you are not going to travel to Canada, getting a Canadian tourist visa can be helpful for two reasons:

  1. Canadian tourist visas are usually long-term, between 5 and 10 years. So if you get it now, you can use it for the next ten years.
  2. Some countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama, officially accept Canadian tourist visas, and you can use the same visa to enter those countries.

With a tourist visa, you can travel to Canada as often as you want for 5 to 10 years, but you can stay for up to 6 months on each travel.

Types of Canadian tourist visas

There are two major types of Canadian tourist visas:

Single entry visa

With this type of visa, people can only enter Canada a one-time-only.

Multiple entry visa

With this type of visa, people can enter and leave Canada as often as possible, as long as their visa is valid.

This type of visa is usually valid for five years, but the exact time depends on the decision of the immigration officer.

People who have a multiple-entry visa can stay for up to 6 months for each travel.

You do not need to choose between these two options. All applicants are automatically considered for a multiple-entry visa, and a single-entry visa is applied to some applicants under certain circumstances.

In addition to these two main types, another tourist visa is called Super Visa. In this type of visa, the parents or grandparents of a person residing in Canada can obtain a Canadian tourist super visa and travel to Canada to see their children. This type of visa is valid for ten years, but because the validity of Iranian passports is only five years, the validity of this visa for Iranians is reduced to 5 years. You can stay for two years, each time you enter Canada.

Canadian Tourist visa by Invitation

Having an invitation does not necessarily lead to the acceptance of the application, but it can positively impact the immigration officer's decision.

In this way, a person living in Canada must write the letter and specify the following:

About guests

  1. Name
  2. Birthday
  3. Address and contact number
  4. relationship with the guest
  5. Travel motivation
  6. Duration and place of residence
  7. departure date

 About the host

  1. Name
  2. Birthday
  3. Address and contact number
  4. Job-status
  5. Residence status (either citizen or permanent resident)
  6. The Copy of the residence documents

 Process of getting a Canadian tourist visa

  1. First, you need to create a GCKey account and sign in to the CIC website.
  2. Select a visitor visa.
  3. Enter mandatory details and save.
  4. Download all Canadian Tourist Visa Application Forms.
  5. Fill out all the forms and sign electronically.
  6. Upload the conditions on the website.
  7. Upload the required documents on the website.
  8. Pay the visa fee.
  9. Pay biometric fees.
  10. Submit your application.
  11. Give your biometrics data to the nearest visa application center.
  12. Check the status of your application.
  13. On approval, submit your email and submit your passport to the nearest visa application center (VAC).
  14. Receive your Canadian passport and visa.

Biometric process

Biometrics data is mandatory for all Canadian tourist visa applicants. In this process, your fingerprint is scanned, and your image is taken.

Biometrics are valid for ten years, so you can use them if you have done this process before. You can visit the Biometric Validation website or the IRCC website to see if your biometrics are still valid or not.

If it is invalid, you must follow these steps:

  1. Pay biometric fees.

The biometric fee for a Canadian tourist visa is $ 85, and you can only pay it with a Canadian credit card.

You can pay the biometric fee when you apply for a visa. However, we recommend that you do this simultaneously by registering your tourist visa application. Otherwise, it will delay the entire visa application process.

  1. Receive the biometric instruction letter.

 If you paid for the biometrics when you applied, you would receive a letter stating the biometric instructions within 24 hours.

  1. Make an appointment for biometrics at one of your nearby visa centers.

After receiving the biometric instruction letter, there is a 30-day deadline to complete the biometric process. If you do not meet it within 30 days, your visa application will be rejected.

 If you have temporary sores on your finger or face, you should postpone your biometric time to another time. In this case, you can contact the IRCC services and request more time.

  1. Gather the necessary documents for the biometric process.

In this process, you will need the following documents:

  1. Original passport
  2. Print biometric instructions
  3. Print biometric time confirmation
  4. In some centers, a consent form is also required. At the appointed time, Go to the visa center.
  5. In this center, your fingerprint will be scanned, and your picture will be taken. To avoid any possible problems, make sure the following:
  6. None of your ten fingers have sores, scratches, or wounds.
  7. None of your ten fingers have ink stains, oil, etc.
  8. Your face should not have any injuries or sores, and you should not wear glasses or a hat.
  9. Wear light-colored clothes

The closest fingerprint centers to Iran:

Tbilisi / Georgia

Yerevan / Armenia

Baku / Azerbaijan

Istanbul / Turkey

Ankara / Turkey

Erbil / Iraq

Dubai / United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates

Conditions for receiving a Canadian Tourist Visa

For your application to be accepted and for you to obtain a tourist visa, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Be in good health: mentally and physically
  3. planning for the length of your stay in Canada
  4. Commit to return to your source country
  5. Commit not to look for work while living in Canada
  6. No criminal background
  7. Adequate financial means
  8. If you have an invitation, at least 200 million Tomans
  9. If you do not have an invitation, at least 350 million Tomans

The cost of obtaining a Canadian Tourist visa

The cost of applying for a tourist visa $ 100

Biometric fee $ 85

Monthly accommodation fee 2000 Canadian dollars

Extension of residence time $ 100

Travel costs for biometrics Due to the closure of the Canadian embassy in Iran, to do biometrics; you have to travel to one of the close countries such as Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, etc. The costs of this trip include receiving a visitor visa for these countries, plane tickets, hotel reservations, and so on.

Visa Pickup Fee If your application is approved, you must take your passport to the Canadian Embassy in Ankara within one month to apply for a Canadian visa. You can do this yourself or use the Visa Pickup service, which costs $ 100.

You must pay all fees with a Canadian credit card.

Because the costs are in Canadian dollars, the bank may charge a fee for the exchange.

Documents required receiving a Canadian Tourist Visa

  1. Copy of the first and last page of the passport
  2. Translation of your identity card
  3. Translation of marriage documents
  4. Medical certificate
  5. Certificate of no criminal record
  6. Social Security insurance records
  7. Documents related to dependence on source country (including real estate documents, work, family, property, etc.)
  8. Completed and signed Temporary Residence Canada (TRV) Form (Form No. IMM5257)
  9. Completed Family Information Form (Form No. IMM5645)
  10. Proof of financial ability (including the last three months of account turnover, a document of financial ability from the bank, a document of payment of hotel reservation or plane ticket, etc.)
  11. trip tickets
  12. Documents based on travel history (previous passport or visa, entry and exit stamps registered in the passport or flight cards)
  13. Completed Form "Schedule 1 Form 5257"
  14. A recently taken 5.4 x 5.3 photo in JPG format with a resolution of 600

Reasons for rejecting a Canadian tourist visa

Applying for a tourist visa may be rejected (or denied) for various reasons. Some common reasons are:

No travel history

If the applicant has never travelled to any foreign country, it is very likely that his / her tourist visa application will be denied.

Family affiliation in Canada

The visa may be rejected if the person has close family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Staying time

Individuals who state that they wish to stay longer in Canada will usually have their applications rejected. Otherwise, there will be a need for high financial resources.

Letter of motivation

People who fail to explain their motivation for travelling to Canada are more likely to be rejected.

  1. Lack of work experience in the source country
  2. Current employment status
  3. Personal assets
  4. Invalid documents
  5. staying longer than legal during a previous trip to Canada
  6. Invalid residence status in the source country
  7. Health problems
  8. Having a bad background

If your visa application is rejected, there is no option called Object to Visa Rejection, and you should resubmit your application.

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