Staying with the purchase of a business in Canada 2023

One of the ways to get a Canadian work visa and then get a permanent residence in this country is to get a business purchase visa in Canada or in other words to start a business in this country. In fact, with the method of immigrating to Canada by buying a business, you can immigrate to Canada and have your business in this country forever. The desired business can be a company or a business such as a shop or restaurant. The business premises may be owned by the business owner or rented.

However, under certain circumstances, you may be eligible to buy a Canadian business. The first step in this way is to find an active and suitable business opportunity. You are probably asking how? In the continuation of this article, follow us from the official website of ESS Immigration Group to get the information you need to stay in Canada by purchasing a business.


Buying ready business in Canada

When you want to get a business visa in Canada, you have two options. Either buy an existing active business or start a new business. Of course, it should be noted that the option you choose has different tax consequences and affects the amount of tax on the assets of that business.

There are two ways to buy an active business in Canada. Either you pay a certain amount for the whole business, or you buy a part of its shares, which must be more than 51%. Since a corporation is a separate legal entity and can hold property in its name, a change in the ownership of the corporation’s shares will not affect the tax value of the corporation’s assets.

What are the conditions for immigrating to Canada by buying a business?

Having the experience of managing or owning a business in your country for at least three years (ownership means owning all or at least 10% of the company’s shares)
Having enough assets and capital to buy a business in Canada
Purchase all or at least 51% of the shares of the business in Canada
Having a diploma or higher
Having basic English skills (providing a language certificate is not required)

Ways to find and buy a business in Canada

Like all the applicants for a business purchase visa in Canada, you must know how to find a business in Canada and then buy it. The fact is that buying a business in Canada is not an easy task, and if you are doing this for the first time, be sure to find and then buy the right business in Canada through one or more of the following methods:

Business investment magazines and newsletters

These magazines or newsletters are often found in densely populated areas. For example, in southern Ontario, there are a number of free publications such as Business Exchange that are available on newsstands throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Specialized business publications

These publications should be relevant to the industry you want to work in; So they are also another useful resource, as most of the relevant businesses for sale are classified in this section. You can find a list of many Canadian business journals online at the Canadian Business Press site.


Newspapers also have classified sections where you can find local business listings. Look for genuine, local businesses, but be wary of dubious business opportunities.


Today, the Internet accelerates the speed of business, and as a result, it becomes much easier to communicate between different businesses around the world. You can find the business you want through business sales sites.

Communication circle

This option can be a great way to learn and gain awareness about a business that the owner intends to sell, but may not be listed in the business for sale listings. Networking and career events can provide you access to these information channels, for example you can contact your banker, lawyer or accountant and find out about such opportunities.

Brokers and intermediaries

Brokers receive a commission when they help a seller close a deal. A good broker is a great resource; But a semi-professional, part-time recruiter is unlikely to be of much help in your job search. The best way to find a broker is to reach out to your network and ask about trusted people you can refer to.

Sites related to business sales in Canada

There are some reliable sites in Canada that you can refer to and select your desired city or province to see useful information for immigrating to Canada by purchasing a business:

Business Exchange
Business for sale
Business Sell Canada
Canadian Realtor

In buying and selling business in Canada, take these two recommendations seriously

1. Business buyers should be careful because there are many business opportunities listed for sale whose terms are misleading or exaggerated. If a job opportunity looks too good and attractive, it is better to proceed with caution. Remember, if it was easy to get rich or make $4,000 a week working from home, then everyone would be looking to invest in such opportunities.

2. As a seller, before you take your business to the public market, you may want to discuss the matter with those around you first. You may already have an employee who knows how to run your business and is interested in buying it. Customers or suppliers who have shown interest in your work in the past are also ideal candidates for you.

iss immigration organization is made up of the most experienced official immigration lawyers and trusted advisors, and with more than 2000 successful cases, it is by your side at all stages from immigration to residence in Canada. We will be with you in this difficult path so that you, dear ones, only think about the growth, dynamism and well-being of the life ahead in an environment full of opportunities for progress and peace.

Immigration steps to immigrate to Canada by buying a business

Find the business you want

Look for a business that matches your skills, work experience and capital.

Hire a broker or business intermediary

There’s no law that says you can’t find the business you want on your own, but since you’re a foreigner, it’s better to have a broker who knows the local Canadian business laws. Get help to choose the right business.

Prepare your business plan

The business plan that you prepare should reflect your financial plans and projects, and most importantly, it should show how the business you have undertaken will have a positive impact on Canada and its citizens and lead to the expansion of the business, as well as maintaining or creating Employment for Canadians.

Negotiate the purchase of the desired business and finally purchase it

At this stage, with the help of the broker, you can do the necessary investigations and research about the existing business and finally deal with the complexities of the negotiation and agree on the deal and sign the related papers.

Apply for an LMIA permit

The LMIA license or Canadian Labor Market Impact Assessment is an approval issued by the Canadian Labor and Social Development Department (ESDC) and it will be positive if you provide them with sufficient documents and a strong business plan to prove to them that the purchase of the business and The desired work in Canada will not have any negative impact on the Canadian labor market and its employees, and on the contrary, it will have a positive impact on the Canadian economy.

Note: Getting an LMIA permit in the process of purchasing a business visa in Canada does not require a month’s advertising on Canadian websites and newspapers to receive a job offer.

Apply for a temporary work visa

After you have received a positive LMIA from the Canadian Labor Department, proceed with the preparation of the necessary documents for a Canadian work permit and work visa.

سرمایه گذاری در کانادا

5 mistakes you should avoid when immigrating to Canada by buying a business
Not thoroughly checking the records of the business in question

Due diligence is the process of checking the legal, financial and commercial records of the business you intend to buy. Check that the company or business in question has no back taxes, poor turnover, and no significant lawsuits against it. This thorough review will also help you determine the right price to buy.

Shopping with the wrong goals

Make sure that the desired business is compatible with your current goals and strategic plans, and that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully implement it.

Ignoring the target business culture

Business culture means how employees work and is actually an expression of a company’s goals and values. Examine the management style, employee behavior, business processes, and compensation structures at the business in question. If you find significant differences, think about whether buying this business is worth the effort to fill these gaps.

Not thinking enough about the goals and plans after the business purchase

Since the uncertainty and lack of transparency of goals and work plans can affect the level of enthusiasm, self-confidence and discipline and lead to the departure of employees from the company or the loss of customers, share your plans with shareholders and stakeholders quickly and honestly. share Be clear about what is going to stay the same and what may change in the future.

Acting late to receive financial support from banks

If you need financial support and financing from Canadian banks to buy your business, talk to your financing partner or sponsor before you negotiate the amount with the seller. They can help you figure out how much you can afford to borrow so you can enter into a more informed negotiation with the seller.

If you do this late, your transaction will be at risk, because after the seller determines the amount of the business sale, the bank may not provide the amount you need or may provide it with conditions that make it possible to meet Don’t have them.

Advantages of buying a business in Canada
The necessary permits for the business have already been obtained.
-It has the necessary reputation and credibility.
-It has previous customers and does not need initial advertising to attract customers.
-It has sales and profits and there is no need to start from scratch.
-It is not necessary to have a language certificate to get a work visa.
-It is possible to get accompanying work visa for spouse and free education of children in school.
-It is possible to obtain permanent residence in Canada through it.

Disadvantages of buying a business in Canada

It is hardly possible to do due diligence on the records of the business in question. Because you are not located in Canada yourself, your business broker may not provide correct and accurate information about the records of the company or business you intend to buy.

It is difficult to reconcile company documents and verify their accuracy. The seller may show you financial and legal documents that appear to be correct, but inside, the documents are fake or some of them have been changed.

The seller may sell you the existing business for much more than it is worth.

Applying new procedures and changes may be accompanied by conflicting and opposing views.

Failure to choose the right business that fits your skills, experiences and business goals will lead to a waste of your capital and time.

The cost of buying a business in Canada

The cost of buying a business in Canada depends on the nature of the business, its physical location, how big or small it is, how profitable it is, the number of employees and other factors. In general, the minimum capital to buy a business in Canada should not be less than $250,000.

What to do after buying a business in Canada?

One of the most common questions that applicants for a business purchase visa in Canada ask us is what steps should be taken if they have purchased part of the shares of a company and intend to merge their previous business with the new business. do

1. Form a team of new members and old members.

One of the first things you should do after buying a business in the process of immigrating to Canada by buying a business is to form a core team of managers of both the new company and the previous company (in your home country) to lead and manage the process of merging the companies. .

2. Create a targeted operating model.

Design a model for what needs to be integrated and how to do it, and evaluate its performance.

3. Share your model and plan with the main stakeholders.

Quickly design your new organizational structure and communicate it to key members of the company. This will keep key team members and reduce employee stress.

4. Introduce yourself to customers and suppliers.

Work hard to protect your relationship with the company’s key customers. If you are planning on making changes, call or visit them as soon as possible.

5. Focus on your strategy for your business.

If that business has been managed in a certain way for years, it necessarily means that you will continue the same way. Think about how you want to promote the new business? How do you want to apply the changes you want in the structure of the organization? Will the different parts of the company remain the same?

6. Make it possible for employees to talk and ask for opinions.

Acquiring a new business and merging it with an existing business is a complex exercise in change management. Don’t be surprised if people still have questions or resist change after a few months. The best way to gain their trust is to communicate with them often and be transparent and available.

iss immigration organization is made up of the most experienced official immigration lawyers and trusted advisors, and with more than 2000 successful cases, it is by your side at all stages from immigration to residence in Canada. We will be with you in this difficult path so that you, dear ones, only think about the growth, dynamism and well-being of the life ahead in an environment full of opportunities for progress and peace.

Is buying any business suitable for obtaining permanent residence in Canada?

According to the experiences that we have gained over the years by examining the cases of business visa applicants in Canada, the answer to this question is negative. Buying any kind of business in Canada does not lead to permanent residence in Canada. For this purpose, the business you buy must have the following conditions:

-Buy a business that is in important economic industries or key sectors.
-Buy a business that is of “major benefit” to Canada.
-Buy an active business that has been open for at least 12 months.
-Buy a business that has had good gross sales for the past 2-3 years.
-Buy a business that matches your past work history.

The best business in Canada

In the process of buying a business visa in Canada, there are many profitable businesses in Canada that you can earn good money by buying them, but as mentioned in the previous section, be very careful about choosing your business and buy a business that be suitable for obtaining permanent residence in Canada.

Some of the most profitable small businesses in Canada include:
Transportation of passengers, transportation of goods, warehousing and storage of products
Waste management and recycling
Professional financial services
Sports and fitness centers
Buying a business in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada

Fortunately, immigrating to Canada by buying a business has no provincial and regional restrictions. Therefore, it is possible to buy a business in any city in Canada, including Toronto or Vancouver. All the conditions, rules, advantages and disadvantages and tips mentioned about buying a business in Canada also apply to the city of Vancouver and Toronto.

After you buy your business in Toronto or Vancouver, like the previous owner or owners, you must file tax returns with the government every year, including the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). .

اقامت کانادا با خرید بیزینس

Canadian residency by purchasing a business

Canada has provided a platform through which foreign investors, owners and managers of businesses can obtain permanent residence in Canada through a business purchase visa. Of course, buying a business does not directly lead to obtaining Canadian permanent residence, but through the Owner-Operator Program, you can get a Canadian work visa and apply for Canadian permanent residence after one year.

The owner-operator program is not an official immigration program, but a work permit issued under the Federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). After you have purchased your desired business in Canada and taken ownership and development of it, after one year of business activity, you can apply for Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry system.

The Express Entry system has several immigration programs, and with one year of business management experience, you can get Canadian permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class program. Having management experience will add 200 points to your Express Entry score. Another condition of this program is that you have an IELTS score of 6 in all four language skills.

Be very careful that if you cannot obtain the necessary points for the Express Entry program, your permanent residence will be canceled and the entire capital that you have spent until then to buy the business and develop it; will be destroyed.

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