If you also intend to immigrate to Canada and obtain permanent residence in this country, you have probably already come across the term immigration through Express Entry Canada. In fact, it can be said that Express Entry Canada is a system that has revolutionized Canadian immigration methods. In this article, the method of obtaining a Canada Express Entry visa and the Canada Express Entry scoring table have been discussed in detail by the lawyers and consultants of the ISS Immigration Group, and after reading this article, you will be familiar with all the concepts of obtaining Canadian residency through the Express Entry method.

اکسپرس اینتری کانادا

The latest immigration update of Express Entry

The country of Canada wants to make major changes in Express Entry 2023. Therefore, in the near future, by holding new Express Entry draws, applicants will be invited based on their job, language proficiency, or education level, and not just a high score.

Important: As of November 2022, 16 new jobs have been added to the Express Entry eligible jobs list and three jobs have been removed from this list.

What are the benefits of Canada Express Entry?

The fastest way to immigrate to Canada (about 6 to 9 months)
Lower cost compared to entrepreneurial and investment methods
Completely online method (no need to send paper documents)

Canadian Express Entry requirements

If you want to register for Express Entry Canada and create your account, you must meet the requirements of one of the following Express Entry programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

One of the features of this program is that you have at least one year of work experience in one of the TEER 0, 1, 2, 3 level jobs in Canada’s job portals. You also need to score 67 out of 100 points on the Federal Skilled Worker Program scoring system.

If you have a non-Canadian degree, you must provide an evaluation of your degree in addition to your degree and transcripts.

Also, in addition to that, it is necessary to obtain at least the following language scores in one of the accepted tests.






IELTS General666


Cellpipe General



TEF Canada


TCF Canada


What group can use the Federal Skilled Worker program?

People who have at least one year of foreign or non-Canadian work experience

iss immigration organization is made up of the most experienced official immigration lawyers and trusted advisors, and with more than 2000 successful cases, it is by your side at all stages from immigration to residence in Canada. We will be with you in this difficult path so that you, dear ones, only think about the growth, dynamism and well-being of the life ahead in an environment full of opportunities for progress and peace.

Canadian Experience Program

To immigrate through Express Entry Canada through the Canadian Experience Program, you must have at least one year of work experience in Canada in one of the TEER level 0, 1, 2, 3 occupations in the Canadian Career Center. If you have a non-Canadian degree, you must provide an evaluation of your degree in addition to your degree and transcripts.

Scoring factorMaximum points for single applicantsMaximum points for married applicants
Human and skill factors (age, language, education and work experience)500460
Human and skill factors of the applicant’s wife

Transfer invoices  

Transferability factors

Other factors such as provincial nomination or job offer  

Provincial nomination or Job offer

Total points1.2001.200

Canada Express Entry age requirements

AgeMarried main applicant, maximum score: 110Single main applicant maximum score: 110
17 years and under00


45 years and older00


Education in the Express Entry program

Level of EducationMarried applicant maximum 140 points for the main applicant and 10 points for the spouseSingle applicant maximum score: 150
high school diploma

Main player: 28 points

Wife: 2 points


One year course after graduation

Main person: 84 points

Wife: 6 points


Two-year post-diploma course

Main person: 91 points

Wife: 7 points


Bachelor’s degree or a three-year or more post-diploma course

Main person: 112 points

Wife: 8 points


Two or more than two post-diploma degrees, at least one of which is at least three years after completing a course.

Main person: 119 points

Wife: 9 points


Master’s degree or specialized internship course

Main person: 126 points

Wife: 10 points



Main person: 140 points

Wife: 10 points


Language score in the express entry method

One of the most valuable documents in immigrating to Canada through Express Entry is the first foreign language certificate for the main applicant and his spouse. A second foreign language certificate is only valid for the main applicant.

Each exam has its own scoring system that can be converted to CLB level. To convert the scores of different language degrees to CLB, the scores of each skill must be checked. According to the tables provided below, you can calculate your score.

Accepted language tests:

English language

Certificate of Selpip General Exam
IELTS General Certificate

Important: According to the announcement of the Canadian Immigration Department, from the end of 2023, the PTE exam will also be recognized as one of the accepted exams.

French language

TEF Canada: Test d’évaluation de français
TCF Canada (TCF Canada: Test de connaissance du français)

It should be noted that TOEFL, Duolingo and PTE are not accepted for the Express Entry program.

Work experience in Canada for Express Entry

Canadian work experienceMarried applicant maximum 70 points for main applicant and 10 points for spouseSingle applicant maximum score: 80
Less than a year00

1 year

Main applicant: 35 points

Wife: 5 points


2 years

Main applicant: 46 points

Wife: 7 points


3 years

Main applicant: 56 points

Wife: 8 points


4 years

Main applicant: 63 points

Wife: 9 points


5 years and more

Main applicant: 70 points

Wife: 10 points


Transferability factors

In this part, there are 5 combinations in this rating, if the applicant has some of the above items together, he will receive a maximum of 100 points, so even if you get more than 100 points in these combinations, the maximum points that will be given will be 100 points. .

In this regard, no points have been considered for the spouse of the applicant.

Combination of Canadian education and work experience: If the applicant has Canadian work experience, he will receive additional points according to his educational qualification.

Combination of language level and non-Canadian work experience: If the applicant has a language level higher than CLB 7, he will receive additional points in proportion to his foreign work experience.

Combination of Canadian and non-Canadian work experience: Someone who has Canadian work experience and non-Canadian work experience will receive additional points accordingly.

Combination of technical and professional degree and language knowledge: If the applicant has a language skill higher than CLB 5 and has a valid technical and professional degree, he will receive additional points.

Additional points

Eligible applicants for Canada Express Entry Visa must receive up to 600 points from various items in the table below.

Additional pointsPoints for all applicants
Receiving a provincial nomination from one of the provinces except Quebec600
Job offer (job offer) from a Canadian employer in knock code 00200
Job offer from a Canadian employer at TEER 1, 2, 3 or TEER 0 level (except for jobs code 00)50
Brother or sister of a permanent resident or Canadian citizen living in Canada15
Have a French language certificate CLB 7 or above in all skills and have an English language certificate CLB 4 or below (or no English language certificate)25
Having a French language certificate CLB 7 or higher in all skills and having an English language certificate CLB 5 or higher in all skills50
One or two years of post-secondary education in Canada15
Three or more years of post-secondary education in Canada30

iss immigration organization is made up of the most experienced official immigration lawyers and trusted advisors, and with more than 2000 successful cases, it is by your side at all stages from immigration to residence in Canada. We will be with you in this difficult path so that you, dear ones, only think about the growth, dynamism and well-being of the life ahead in an environment full of opportunities for progress and peace.

Required documents for Canada Express Entry Visa

In order to be able to obtain a Canada Express Entry visa, you must submit the following documents in full. The original of all documents required for this program must be uploaded online in the system and paper copies are not required.

Note that if the documents are in a language other than English or French, they must be translated, and the translation must be accompanied by a translator’s certificate or license and a copy equal to the original document.

Identification documents

Passport of the main applicant and spouse and children, marriage or divorce certificate or death certificate of one of the spouses (if the main applicant is married or divorced or one of the spouses has died). Also, if you have a child, you must provide a birth certificate. In addition to this, new photos for all family members must also be provided.

If you have obtained points through your relative in Canada, you must provide documents proving your relationship with them, documents proving the relative’s citizenship or permanent residence, documents proving the relative’s life in Canada.


Degrees and transcripts and the applicant’s and spouse’s degree evaluation certificate (if you studied outside of Canada).

Language Certificate

A language certificate approved by the Immigration Department for the main applicant and spouse (if you have earned points through the spouse’s language score).

Financial documents

The amount of financial support varies according to the number of family members. This letter should be on the bank’s letterhead and the account number, name of the account holder, account opening date, list of all account debts and installments, current balance and average balance of the last 6 months of the account, as well as the bank’s contact information, should be mentioned.

In the case of Canadian experience programs, there is no need to provide financial support of the specified amount. Rather, it is possible to prove the financial ability with bank statements, employment letters, and salary slips.

Number of family membersFunding amount (Canadian dollars)
For each additional person3,586


Certificate of no bad background of the applicant and his wife and children over 18 years old. It should be noted that this bad background certificate must be obtained from any country where you have lived for more than 6 months.

One of the most important documents for the Canadian immigration department is the certificate of no bad background. Note that you have prepared this letter from the relevant organization. For example, for Iranians inside Iran, this certificate must be obtained from the Sana system or from Police+10 centers.

Important: Many people’s files have been rejected at this stage due to not sending the original bad background certificate or other necessary conditions.

Medical examination documents

The applicant and his wife and children must undergo medical tests called Medical Exams. These tests check that you or your family do not have a contagious disease or a disease that would cause heavy costs to the Canadian health care system. These tests are valid for one year.

To perform these tests, you must visit the doctors recommended by the Canadian Immigration Department.

Job documents

Letter of work history of the applicant and his wife. This work experience letter should be accompanied by the job title, name and address and phone number of the workplace, number of working hours, annual salary and also a summary of the description of the duties performed in that company. If you have a job offer letter from a Canadian employer, you should also upload it.

In the case of the Canadian Experience Program, the NOA letter and T4 tax forms and Canadian Labor Rights slips should also be submitted.


مراحل اکسپرس اینتری کانادا

Canada Express Entry Procedures

To migrate through express entry, you must go through the following steps.

Creating a user account and entering basic information and entering the pool of applicants
Receive an invitation
Completing the information and uploading the documents and sending the application for permanent residence within 60 days
Review of documents and conditions of the case by the Federal Immigration Department
Get permanent residence

First step: create a user account in Canada’s Express Entry system

To register Express Entry Canada, you must first create an account on the GCKey website. Then open your file by entering various information about education, work experience, language qualification and personal information.

Express Entry Canada will automatically check your eligibility for the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Canadian Experience Program, and the Federal Skilled Trade Program based on the information entered. Then, if you meet the conditions of one of the programs, your case will be entered into a virtual pool. Your score is calculated based on your education, language certificate, and work experience and is entered into this pool.

Step 2: Receive Canada Express Entry invitation to submit an application

Files swim in this virtual pool until the immigration department catches them!

Depending on the needs of the immigration department, a lottery or draw is held several times a year, and the immigration department selects people with the points they want (usually every two weeks). Sometimes the Immigration Department holds a separate lottery for each program, and sometimes it holds a general lottery and selects the desired applicants from all of them and sends them an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

But if the applicant does not receive an invitation after 12 months, his account will expire and he will have to enter his information in the system or pool again.

At this stage, entering the information is very sensitive because the entered information is responsible and the failure to enter the correct information may sometimes lead to the applicant not being able to immigrate to Canada for years.

Step 3: Send a permanent residence application

After receiving the invitation, you must register your online application for permanent residence within 60 days. From this date, the Immigration Department will respond to the request within 6 to 9 months. To register the application, you must complete the information requested in the Express Entry user account and upload the relevant documents. Then pay the Express Entry fee and submit your application.

Within 24 hours after registering the application, you will receive a letter called Acknowledgment of Receipt or AOR. This receipt shows that your documents have been received by the Immigration Department and the application has been successfully filed.

Step 4: Review by the Federal Immigration Service

At this stage, the investigation of the case begins. Throughout the process, you can refer to your profile and see the status of your case.

1. In the Eligibility Review process, all the documents are checked to confirm whether you are eligible or not. In this process, various documents, such as a letter of financial ability, a letter of work history, a letter of job offer, a history of visa rejection, etc., are examined.

The officer checks the case to ensure that the documents are complete and according to the checklist of the program. If the documents are incomplete, the officer will refund the fee for checking the documents as well as the application.

2. After a few months, the medical examination letter is usually approved.

3. If the officer feels that further investigation is needed, they may ask you for additional documents.

4. A biometric letter is issued. Persons who need to be fingerprinted according to Canadian laws must go to visa offices in other countries and do fingerprinting after receiving the fingerprinting letter.

5. The background check stage consists of three sections: criminality, security and information sharing. All parts of this stage are carried out by the Canadian Immigration Service, the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Security Intelligence Agency.

This step usually takes between 1 and 2 months. But in some rare cases, when a person’s records are suspicious in the opinion of the relevant department, it may take up to 1 year.

This step is the last stage before announcing the final decision.

Step 5: Congratulations, permanent residence confirmation

Finally, after the approval of the case, you will receive the Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). At this stage, you will receive a passport request message (PPR) and you must send your passport to the Canadian visa office in the nearest place of residence to register the visa or use the Canadian visa pickup service.

iss immigration organization is made up of the most experienced official immigration lawyers and trusted advisors, and with more than 2000 successful cases, it is by your side at all stages from immigration to residence in Canada. We will be with you in this difficult path so that you, dear ones, only think about the growth, dynamism and well-being of the life ahead in an environment full of opportunities for progress and peace.

Canada Provincial Express Entry

Some Canadian provinces have designed special immigration procedures that applicants must first have a Canada Express Entry profile to apply. Of course, it should be noted that in these methods as well, having the conditions of one of Canada’s Express Entry programs is mandatory. Then, after entering the pool, you can register a provincial request on the site of the same province.

If you meet the conditions related to the relevant provincial method, the province will nominate you and then 600 points will be added to your Express Entry score and an invitation will be sent to you. You must complete the documents and information in your Express Entry profile and submit your application to the Federal Immigration Service.

The minimum score required to receive an invitation to Canada Express Entry

It is not possible to say precisely what score the immigration office is going to choose next time. This issue depends on the number of invitations and the frequency of the lottery.

Canada Express Entry fee

Cost itemApplicantSpouse of the applicantEach child
The cost of reviewing the case850 Canadian dollars850 Canadian dollars230 Canadian dollars
The cost of the right to issue permanent residence515 Canadian dollars515 Canadian dollars 
The cost of fingerprinting85 Canadian dollarsIf the applicant has a spouse and children, 170 Canadian dollars for the entire family (applicant and spouse and children) 

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