Fields of study in Canada

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Fields of study in Canada


Courses in Canada

Canadian universities continue to have an excellent international reputation with employers, and the University of Toronto has been selected as the best university for employing employers. Here are the top 10 Canadian bachelor's degrees based on the highest average salary from a statistical study in Canada; stay tuned!


10.Management Science (MS)

Average salary: C $ 57,000

Top universities in the field: the University of Calgary, Queen's University and Ryerson University

According to Statistics Canada, the degree of Management Science MS offers the highest salaries for women. This field is more related to mathematics than business! Students learn theories, statistical models, programming, and how to apply them to various business issues. Jobs in the field include administrative services, budget analysts, management and marketing managers.

9.Earth Sciences

Average salary: 58 thousand dollars

Top universities in the field: University of Toronto, British Columbia and McGill

A bachelor's degree in earth sciences can lead to work in mineral and oil exploration, environmental consulting, urban projects, and more. These skills are invaluable in the Canadian mining industry, which has recently weakened amid low commodity prices. However, according to COPS, the profession's labour market is expected to expand significantly with the recent increase in exploration in the next few years.


Average salary: 64 thousand dollars

Top Universities: Simon Fraser, McGill and Western Universities

After two years of business-based courses, students majoring in finance will learn how to plan, manage, and analyze the financial aspects of businesses, banks, and other organizations. After graduation, they will be eligible to work in various financial roles such as security analyst, market research analyst, bank manager or mortgage broker.

7.Business Management

Average salary: 70 thousand dollars

Top universities in the field: University of Toronto, British Columbia and McGill

There are many opportunities for those with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, and their salaries will vary depending on their job position. Business service management involves a wide range of law firms and market research. Accounting is one of the areas of business management that is still popular with many professional students, and the number of graduates has increased in recent years. However, according to the Canadian Services Career Planning System (COPS), the Canadian job market has ample job opportunities to accept graduates by 2024.

6.Specialized engineering

Average salary: 75 thousand dollars

Top universities in the field: University of Toronto, Alberta and Carlton

Specialist engineers work in areas such as agriculture, textiles and biomedical medicine. Process management, equipment manufacturing and installation supervision are the tasks of this field of work. The average salary of this category is expected to increase.


5.Civil Engineering

Average salary: 77 thousand dollars

Top universities in the field: University of Toronto, McGill and Waterloo

According to Solutions Building 2018, Canada's residential construction sector will adjust in the next few years, and the pace of employment and investment will shift to large-scale engineering projects. Civil engineers are involved in various construction projects, from design to construction, and can work on a wide range of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, towers, buildings and water supply systems.

4.Petroleum or chemical engineering

Average salary: 80 thousand dollars

Top universities in the field: University of Calgary, Toronto and Western

Petroleum and chemical engineers can be hired by energy companies, research institutes and the government. Chemical engineering students take the same basic math and science courses that students in other engineering disciplines take in their first and second years.

رشته های تحصیلی 3.Nursing

Average salary: 80 thousand dollars

Top universities in the field: University of Toronto, British Columbia and Alberta

To become a nurse, you need a bachelor's degree in nursing followed by additional training. On the other hand, you can get a master's degree in nursing, but in any case, you need several years of experience as a formal nurse. The labour market in the healthcare sector is projected to remain stable and even grow, especially given Canada's aging population.

2.Software engineering

Average salary: $ 85,000

Top universities in the field: University of Toronto, British Columbia and Waterloo

Canada's number of computer engineers needed is expected to increase in the next few years due to high commercial investment in technology. There are several differences between a degree in software engineering (SE), a degree in computer science (CS) and a degree in computer engineering (CE). Software engineers deal with the construction and maintenance of software systems. Computer scientists focus on data, data conversion, and algorithms, but computer engineers design, build and operate computer systems. According to COPS, the number of software engineering staff has almost halved in the past five years.

1.Pharmacology (pharmaceuticals)

Average salary: 140 thousand dollars

Top universities in the field: University of British Columbia, Toronto and Calgary

A bachelor's degree in pharmacology is the first step in starting your studies as a pharmacist. After graduating, you must also take an exam with the Canadian Pharmacy Board, complete an internship, and enroll in your provincial college. The Canadian government predicts a shortage of pharmacists by at least 2024, so there are plenty of job opportunities.


A wide range of credentials makes a good living in Canada. With just a short training course, you can improve your resume, make yourself more attractive to employers, and take the first step toward a satisfying, well-paying job in any field. You can get help from an immigration counsellor to learn more about studying in Canada.

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