Skill Worker of the Northwest Regions provides the opportunity for applicants to immigrate to Canada to deal with the shortage and needs of the province’s labor market by hiring foreign workers through the Federal Express Entry selection system.

If these applicants succeed in obtaining a work visa for the Northwest Regions, they can also obtain Canadian permanent residence status. The work immigration program for the Northwest Territories is on track with the federal government’s Express Entry system, resulting in a significant reduction in processing time for applications. This program allows qualified applicants to have priority processing time for their applications to NTNP and if they are selected, they can apply for permanent residence.

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Express Entry in Canadian Provincial Immigration

Applicants to immigrate to Canada can be eligible for skilled workers in the Northwest Territories when they have entered the Express Entry database through one of the following three groups:

-Federal specialist forces
-Federal Technical and Professional -Forces (FSTC)

Canadian Experience Program

In federal economic immigration programs, applicants must meet mandatory language level requirements and demonstrate that they have sufficient financial resources to support themselves and their families upon arrival in Canada. Candidates under this program must also submit the results of their academic degree evaluation report.

Northwest Territories Provincial Immigration Program (NTNP)
Minimum requirements

In order to apply in this group, candidates must:

Eligible for one of the federal economic immigration programs: federal skilled worker programs, federal technical and vocational programs, and the Canadian Experience Group.

Meet the minimum requirements of the program of specialist forces under the employer’s NTNP license program.

Provide Express Entry profile number and job search validation code issued by IRCC organization.

express their interest in migrating to the northwest regions.

Minimum requirements for Skilled Worker Program employers in the Northwest Territories of Canada

In order to be eligible for the Northwest Territories Express Entry Program, employers must:

Have a business registered with an industry association or a territorial, local or municipal government or a First Nation government in the Northwest Territories.

Have been registered and working for at least 6 months.

Have a good relationship with the Safety and Compensation Commission and the Employment Standards Department of the Northern Regions.

has given a permanent full-time job offer (at least 30 hours per week) to the foreign applicant.

has prepared a contract that is compatible with the employment standards law of this region.

The employment contract should not conflict with existing union agreements.

Provide the advertisement notification documents and a summary of the information:

The summary results should show all the application forms received in relation to the advertised job position and a list of the reasons for not accepting each one.

Provide a wage payment rate in accordance with the current payment rate of the workforce, in accordance with what was announced and in accordance with the amount mentioned in the LIMA.

Be committed to the LIMA agreement. (Work through LMIA permit in Canada)

Minimum requirements for skill worker program applicants in northwest regions

Applicants to immigrate to Canada through the Northwest Territories work visa must meet the following conditions:

If they are Canadian residents, they have a valid work permit and legal residency status.

They intend to settle permanently in the northwestern regions of Canada.

Work in one of the 0, A or B level jobs.

Have the certificate and credits required for the job in question based on the employer’s requirements.

Have formal and specialized training required for that job position.

Have the work experience required by the employer as mentioned in the job description and job advertisement.

Meet NWT’s certification, licensing, and occupational registration requirements, if applicable.

Have sufficient communication skills in English or French.

Submit the following documents in original form or a copy of the original translated in English or French:


Birth certificate

marriage certificate

Birth certificate and passport of dependent family members

have sufficient financial ability to successfully settle and establish themselves and their dependent family

The minimum requirement is $10,000 for the main applicant and $2,000 for each accompanying member.

Applicants must submit a certificate of financial ability from the bank in their name or an official letter issued by the bank translated into English or French as proof of the financial ability of the accommodation.

Submit the results of one of the three approved language tests:


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